Professional Paving Services and Much More for Your Home & Business

When it comes down to creating a paved driveway or an asphalt sealcoating task, you can either DIY or hire a professional, such as our company in Wilmington, MA. If you are interested in the latter, you can easily set up an appointment and take advantage of the residential and commercial services that Paul & Sons Sealcoating Roofing & Paving offers.

Our Services

We serve homeowners and businesses, offering professional paving services, coupled with asphalt seal coating, and much more. We also provide roofing services at affordable rates.

Our Methods

Be it a driveway paving, asphalt seal coat, or roofing project, we follow a systematic approach, featuring:

  • Appointments to meet the busy schedule of any customer
  • On-site area inspections
  • Detailed assessments related to any project
  • Honest and upfront estimates

Furnished with top-quality materials, as well as high-end equipment for all roofing tasks, we will easily adapt to any type of work required, be it in the front or at the top of your property, promising excellent results.


Being methodical, showing commitment to excellence, and demonstrating our versatility in the range of paving services we provide to our residential and commercial clients have been instrumental in the development of our company and make Paul & Sons Sealcoating Roofing & Paving worth considering when choosing your outdoor construction specialist. In addition to expert paving solutions, we provide effective seal coating services and offer affordable rates.

Contact our company in Wilmington, MA to schedule a service with Paul & Sons Sealcoating Roofing & Paving as your seal coating and paving contractor. We look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call today!